Shrink Wrapping Services Auckland

Shrink Wrapping

If items need to stick together or remain clean and tidy in transit, shrink-wrapping is a powerful tool of choice. We do everything from brake lights to pet food, promotional products and cosmetics. Thanks to high machinery and labour costs, it’s cheaper to outsource your shrink-wrapping needs to us. But economics is not the only benefit; you’re also helping keep people with disabilities in work. And that’s priceless.

Phone: Lou on 09 216 7366
11-15 Laureston Avenue, Papatoetoe,
Auckland 2155
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I like coming to Attainable because I want to get out of the house and be with my friends. I like going to swimming and the library with Attainable.
I like coming to Attainable because I can do things here and my friends are here. I enjoy activities like the gym and getting out into the community.
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When I came to Attainable in 1994 I didn’t know what a computer was or what it could do. But now I can work on a computer. The courses AttainAble has sent me on have really helped me. AttainAble is a place where I get paid to have fun. I really enjoy the company.