Our Community Participation programme is designed to extend participants confidence and independence so that they can form and maintain relationships with groups and friends within the community.

When a service user completes school, their first experience with us is our Community Participation programme. These are the programme’s founding principles:


community participation2


Activities include:

  1. Film afternoons
  2. Work experience/training
  3. Art & crafts
  1. Swimming
  2. Sports
  3. Money skills
  1. Computer skills
  2. Basic cooking lessons & healthy eating
  1. Life skill workshop
  2. Community outings (zoo, gardens, Kelly Tarlton)

Get in Touch

To find out more details please call Nalini Bateriwala on 09 279 2615 or send her an email.

“I like coming to Attainable because I can do things here and my friends are here.  I enjoy activities like the gym and getting out into the community.”
“Attainable is a good place for Hannah to interact with others because she has a quiet life at home.  We can see how she enjoys her Attainable Trust activities like swimming and cooking’.”
Hannah’s Father