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Walter Andorjan – Head Chef

December 12, 2018

Walter was born in Oberwart, Austria.  Influenced by his mum’s delicious home-made desserts, Walter followed his passion and became an apprentice pastry chef.  He did his apprenticeship in four years at a coffee shop prior to an eight-month stint in the army.  After completing his military service, he found seasonal work in a series of hotels as a pastry chef for the next three years.

Walter emigrated to New Zealand at age 24 to improve his English language skills, and never looked back.  He started his career working for a large hotel chain near the Waitomo Caves, and then he found his dream job working at Chateau Tongariro Hotel in Mt. Ruapehu for five years as the head pastry chef.  He had a series of professional pastry chef jobs over the years, settled into life in New Zealand, married and had two children.  

Remarkably Walter’s accomplishments were achieved despite the fact that he was born with a congenital visual impairment that has diminished his sight over the past 25 years.  Walter connected with Attainable Trust through the Blind Foundation while looking for a job.  He met with our Chairman (Murray Clark) seeking employment in our factory, however, Murray had other ideas for Walter.  Murray observed that many of our people purchased unhealthy meal options during lunch, and he thought it would be a good use of Walter’s talents to feed our people two healthy meals daily.  This also coincided with some of the life skills we teach our people around healthy meal options.  A match made in heaven.

Despite his disability, Walter maintains full control in our kitchen.  In addition to feeding our people morning tea and lunch, he also manages the commercial side making breads and buns for restaurants, catering various functions, supplying lasagnes to Deejays for schools, and as requested making prepared meals for our families and caregivers.   He still makes delicious cakes and pastries for special occasions.  Walter has been employed with us for over three years and he is respected and admired for his dedication, skill, and willingness to be a mentor to some of the younger Chefs.  Thank you Walter.

Cafe and Bakery

December 8, 2018

We will be opening a new cafe bakery on 25th February 2019 adjacent to our main premises at 50 Lovegrove Crescent Otara.

Most cafes are busy and noisy and for business people looking for a quiet place to go to conduct client or staff meetings in private and peaceful surrounding then we have just the place for you.

We have three rooms which are available for such an occasion.

Whilst these rooms will be free to use when not reserved, we are offering our clients the opportunity to join the “Attainable Club”.

Membership will be only $100 per annum which will allow you to:

  • book one of these rooms for up to 1 hour at a time and
  • Receive 10% of all your purchases

New Premises

November 11, 2018

Exciting news

After more than 30 years at Laureston Avenue Papatoetoe, it is with great pleasure to advise you that we have relocated to an upgraded facility, some 4 times larger than we had. The new location is at 50 Lovegrove Crescent, Otara. The new location offers the same services as the current building.

For some time, we have been looking at finding bigger premises for Attainable Trust. It has become obvious to us over the past year that we need a bigger space due to safety concerns, and our desire to grow our factory and kitchen so that we can employ more people with disabilities. Furthermore, our numbers for Community Participation have risen over the past year, and we want to be able to offer them more space for more activities.

We would like to express our gratitude and sincere thanks for all the support and cooperation of our families, caregivers, MIT, schools, kitchen and factory clients. We look forward to occupying the new space while continuing to provide the same quality service and compassion that we have always demonstrated.

Please contact Lou Piezzo (09 216 7366) or myself (09 279 2610) if you have any questions. Thank you.

Learning at Attainable

Learning Opportunities at Attainable Trust – Our Commitment to our Employees

In collaboration with Edvance (a workplace education provider), our employees attended 10 weeks training on “workplace health and safety and communication skills”. The training was for 4 hours every week for 10 weeks.

At the graduation ceremony, the employees shared what they learned during class, and they expressed their gratitude towards Attainable and Edvance tutors for their time in the class. Training and upskilling our employees is one of our priorities. It supports our mission which is to provide suitable employment in a safe environment for people with disabilities or social disadvantages, and to assist our people to develop their personal and earning capabilities.

We hope the training provided goes beyond the work they do at Attainable Trust, and hopefully it can help them lead better overall lives.