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The funding we receive allows us to operate at a ratio of 10 disabled users to one staff member. But our goal is to run a full-time programme for all participants, to more easily integrate them into society. To do this we need to operate at a ratio of 5:1.

We need volunteers to help our highly trained staff in our Community Participation area, on a half-day basis; 9am – 12pm or 12pm – 3pm. Volunteering can be completed on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. We also need volunteers to help us deliver our Good Purpose Kitchen products. If you can help, you will need a current full New Zealand driver's license.

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I like the people here: Gemma, Sheenal, Mark, John.

Maui Davis
CP Service User

I enjoy swimming activity and Maori language teaching. I learn things here and I like to help everyone.

Hiki Papa
CP Service User

I like working at attainable because I enjoy doing different jobs. I like the people here and many of them are my friends.

Kimberly Jamison
Factory Employee

If I didn’t work I would get bored staying at home. Attainable gives me a place to go. If I stay home I will eat and get fat.

Annemarie Hannan
Factory Employee

Thank you to all the wonderful staff at Attainable.  You have made this year so special for my brothers.  I am truly grateful.  For Scott especially, he loves his Monday workday in the factory and it has brought new friends and real meaning to his life.


Family Member

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