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We know when it comes to packaging and assembly work, that price, reliability, quality of work and on time delivery are important. Achieving these four critical success factors ensures we have happy and loyal clients.

Our work ranges from one off projects to high volume contract packing, hand packing and dispatch, compiling and mailing of promotional material.

We are especially good at complex componentry assembly, and anything that requires precision and attention to detail. We have a wide range of packing and wrapping equipment.

Our Services
  1. Contract Packing

  2. Blister Packing

  3. Pick, pack and dispatch

  1. Long & short term storage

  2. Pre-forming boxes

  3. Labelling

  1. Envelope & promotional

  2. Product stuffing

  3. Packaging of final product

  1. Shrink wrapping

  2. Assembly

  3. Re-Packing & Re-Work


Let us show you how well we perform. First we’ll assess your work requirements, then provide a competitive quote and delivery schedule.

Your job will be completed to your satisfaction and you’ll also be supporting the community and an extremely worthwhile cause.

Phone: Call Verendra: 09 279 2613
11-15 Laureston Avenue, Papatoetoe,
Auckland 2155
We'd love to see how we could work with you so please use the form below to email us any questions.
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